Thomas Perfect

Tommy Perfect is the owner of Uplift Property Management and a proud lifelong resident of Ramona, CA. His career in real estate extends beyond professional boundaries, reflecting his commitment to the community that he holds dear. A devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Tommy’s faith profoundly influences his daily life and his dedication to helping others.

He has been blissfully married to his high school sweetheart, Meagan, since 2015, and together they navigate the joys and challenges of raising three children and caring for two dogs. Their home is a hub of constant activity, echoing with the sounds of a loving, busy family.

Tommy’s passion for community involvement shines through his volunteer work in local soccer, softball, and park projects. These endeavors are not just a means of giving back but also a way to stay connected with his neighbors and the community he cherishes.

Balancing a demanding career with family life and community roles is a challenge that Tommy embraces with enthusiasm. He lives a life marked by purpose, love, and service, striving to embody these values in every aspect of his life.

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