Karen Jordan


Karen Jordan Property Manager & Realtor at HBR Rentals- Speaker - PM Systems Conference

Karen Jordan, the heart and energy behind HBR Rentals in sunny Tracy, CA. Since joining the team in 2011 as a managing partner, she’s been keeping things running smoothly, overseeing 300 single-family homes with a smile. She’s not just part of the team; she’s woven into the fabric of the real estate community, being an active member of NARPM and CALNARPM since 2012, and is currently jazzed about earning her RMP designation. Plus, she’s the go-to person as the Secretary on the CALNARPM board.

Karen’s home life is just as vibrant. She and her husband, Jack, recently toasted to over 25 years of adventure and love. Her family is her rock, and yes, they’re all in on the family business, offering their help (voluntarily or not!) to support the dream. Her eldest, Tre, is the eagle-eyed site inspector, while Boz, the youngest, is mastering his studies at UCLA and keeping the company’s social media accounts in check.

Karen’s zest for life doesn’t stop there. She’s a music festival aficionado, whether it’s grooving to music, savoring food and wine, or chasing the sun at the beach.

Beyond the business and fun, Karen is a true warrior, celebrating 13 years as a breast cancer survivor. Her motto? Be grateful for every day and don’t sweat the small stuff. Karen’s spirit and resilience light up HBR Rentals, making her not just a director but a true inspiration.

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