Property Management Systems Workshop – January 23 – 26, 2024


Anyone who cancels their reservation prior to January 1, 2024, will be refunded what they paid minus $100 because this covers the fees that we had from our Ticket System or they can defer their ticket for the next year at no charge.

Anyone who cancels from September 1-15 will do our best to get someone off the waiting list and then they will be refunded everything but $100 or if there is not a waiting list we will defer their ticket to the next year and they will only have to pay $100 instead of the program price to go in 2024.

After September 15 there are no refunds but we will still try to transfer your ticket if we know of someone you will only pay $100 the same as above but we can not guarantee it or transfer it to the next year.  The sooner you tell us you can not make it the more time we will have to try to make alternative arrangements and help you out.   We usually have many people trying to buy tickets the two weeks before so I do not see you having any problems transferring your ticket unless you do it within a couple of days of the event.