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Janet Fields - Speaker at the PM Systems Conference

Janet’s Early Exposure to Property Management and Valuable Lessons Learned

From a young age, Janet was immersed in the world of property management, thanks to her parents. Her mother, a real estate agent turned property manager and investor, introduced Janet to the intricacies of the industry. Summers became an opportunity for the entire family to participate in turning properties, providing Janet with hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of property management.

During these formative years, Janet’s involvement initially revolved around small tasks like stuffing envelopes and migrating data. However, as she observed the inner workings of property management, she realized that efficiency with time was key to unlocking greater opportunities for profit. Janet discovered that by optimizing processes and streamlining operations, more time and resources could be allocated to activities she enjoyed, further fueling her motivation. The lesson of maximizing efficiency and profitability remained deeply ingrained in Janet’s mind as she grew older. She recognized that profit could manifest in multiple forms, including financial gains and the freedom to pursue personal interests. This early exposure to property management and the importance of time management left a lasting impression, shaping Janet’s entrepreneurial mindset and driving her future endeavors.

Building a Knowledge-Driven and Entrepreneurial Journey Fueled by Passion and Collaboration

This commitment to continuous learning extended beyond the realm of art. Janet recognized that expanding her knowledge base would be invaluable in her pursuit of entrepreneurship. To this end, she actively sought out business coaches and consultants who could provide guidance and expertise. She also engaged with her peers through organizations like the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), fostering a network of like-minded individuals who shared insights and experiences. In her quest for knowledge, Janet devoured business books of all types, eager to gain insights from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. She understood that a well-rounded understanding of business principles and practices would be crucial to her future endeavors in property management. Around 2012, Janet took a significant step in her entrepreneurial journey by transitioning to the business side of property management. Soon after, she purchased her first book of business, embarking on the challenging path of a second-generation business owner. Throughout this process, Janet encountered numerous lessons that tested her resilience and determination. One such lesson was the realization that working with family and being an entrepreneur required patience and a delicate balance between personal and professional relationships. Janet discovered that establishing proper structures and systems within the business was essential for smooth operations and sustainable growth. However, her most significant revelation came in understanding that her own enthusiasm and passion as a leader could inadvertently exhaust her teams. This realization prompted her to develop effective leadership strategies, fostering an environment where motivation and energy were balanced with sustainable productivity. Every lesson Janet encountered on her entrepreneurial journey was seen as a gift, further reinforcing the wisdom she gained from her childhood experiences. The concept of profit and creating freedom, which she had learned early on, was validated as she matured into adulthood and assumed ownership of Oak Trust Properties. Today, Janet stands as the sole owner of Oak Trust Properties, a thriving company with a dedicated team. Each team member brings a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds, contributing to the company’s ability to deliver exceptional residential property management services. With a focus on serving technology-savvy investors, Janet continues to leverage her extensive knowledge, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit to drive Oak Trust Properties towards continued success and growth.

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