Sam Eddinger


Sam Eddinger - Speaker at the 2025 PM Systems Conference

Sam Eddinger is driven by a passion for real estate and a firm commitment to helping others succeed in the industry. His dedication has spurred him to initiate and collaborate on various ventures, including buy-and-hold investments alongside his wife and partners, property flipping endeavors, and the establishment of a thriving property management firm. As the founder of Ironclad Property Management, located in central CT, Sam focuses on catering to the needs of investors.

Having been immersed in real estate from a young age, Sam gained invaluable experience assisting his parents in maintaining their real estate holdings. Witnessing firsthand how strategic real estate investments can accumulate wealth over time, Sam recognized the potential early on. Capitalizing on the market’s favorable conditions in 2012, he embarked on an aggressive real estate acquisition spree in central Connecticut.

In 2018, after dedicating 15 years to a career as a nuclear engineer, Sam made a pivotal decision to transition away from his desk job and launch Ironclad Property Management. Leveraging his background in engineering, Sam brings a meticulous, data-driven approach to property management. Drawing from his experience as an investor, he is committed to enhancing each client’s return on investment by prioritizing high occupancy rates, swift rentals, and superior tenant satisfaction.

Whether you’re a novice investor seeking guidance or a property owner tired of fielding tenant complaints, Sam is the expert you need. Reach out to him for unparalleled expertise and a personalized approach to real estate success.

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