Susan Goulding


Susan Goulding - REALTOR-Broker-Owner at Crown Key Realty Inc - Speaker at the 2025 PM Systems Conference

With a career marked by dynamic traverses across diverse industries and roles, she has emerged as a notable figure in the real estate sector since 2007, her presence distinguished and respected. From the onset, her journey commenced in the realm of education, where she nurtured young minds in Kindergarten and first-grade special day classes, mastering the arts of patience, communication, and adaptability along the way. Preceding this chapter, she delved into the intricacies of the hospitality industry, navigating roles in restaurant management, bartending, and retail, each imbuing her with an acute understanding of customer service and adept management.

Since 1980, she has been happily married, finding fulfillment in parenthood and grandparenthood within her growing and vibrant family, a testament to her enduring commitment, resilience, and boundless love. Her leadership as president of two little leagues, overseeing the aspirations of over a thousand children, crystallized her belief that managing the expectations and emotions of parents in competitive sports mirrors the art of mastering life’s challenges.

In her professional sphere, she is deeply entrenched in the real estate community, contributing her expertise as a member of the professional standards committee at the local real estate association. Her unwavering dedication to excellence has been consistently acknowledged through her decade-long membership as a Master Club honoree. Remarkably, her very first property management client from 2011 remains loyal to this day, a testament to her steadfast commitment to fostering enduring relationships built upon trust, integrity, and unmatched service.

She ardently believes that housing providers are esteemed clients, while residents are cherished customers. This ethos underpins her approach to real estate and property management, ensuring that every interaction and transaction adheres to the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. As a devoted family person with a fervent passion for sports, she brings a distinctive perspective to the real estate arena, leveraging her multifaceted background and personal anecdotes to serve her clients and customers with empathy, proficiency, and unparalleled excellence.

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